But what is it?

This is another story from visiting the lovely Butchard Gardens on Vancouver Island. At brunch/lunch time this sign was on the food counter.

‘What is it?’, I asked

‘Cauliflower and goats cheese’

‘Yes, but what is it?’

The ‘server’ went to a large (really huge) file named ‘Ingredients’.

‘No’, I said, ‘I don’t want to know that is in it, but what is it? … What does it look like?’ By now I could see that our communcation was not all that it might be.

‘It comes in a ceramic dish about this size’ (demonstrating large bowl, which in North America is no surprise), she said.

Another server tried to help … ‘It’s six ounces’.

I gave up and ordered it.

It was a soup.

Lia had thought it was salad and I had thought it was a upmarket version of cauliflower cheese. It tasted delicious anyway. The servers didn’t understand my problem at any point in that exchange.  They were not amused when I returned to take a picture of the sign.