Cycling in minus 19

Studded tyre

Not me though! I have trouble being outside in that weather, though the air sparkles in the sun and that is just magical. These cyclists are amazing. One of them chatted and I took a picture of his studded tyre. Most bikes don’t have those tyres, but mostly they do have fat tyres, so that connection with the path is more stable. It is all relative, though.

Messy collage – sorry!

The cold is such that some cyclists wear full face masks. At least, in these temperatures there are not many others out, though joggers are still jogging.

I loved the sign that suggests we should not cycle on the seat – just imagine it!


Snow causes writing havoc in California

The Los Angeles Times, on Monday 3 January, carried a story about snow and wind shutting down the Interstate 5 (that’s a big road to you and me).  Some of the expressions are so good that I must share them with you:

‘Frigid winter weather stormed into Southern Calfornia …’
‘Santa Clarita residents get whimsical white flurries ..’
‘It was snowing like crazy down there on the freeway …’ [not ‘snow-freeway then LOL]
and my favourite
‘There were mild cases of road rage’ [Don’t you love it? ‘mild rage’]