International Women’s Day 2018

On International Women’s Day I’d like to pay tribute to all the women who made my life today as a woman in the Global North possible. The women who fought for our right to vote, to work outside the home, to be paid something approaching the same as men, to have bank accounts, own our homes and live in safety are to be celebrated and appreciated.

There is also the huge army of women who moved those changes along by living their lives as independent women, always working towards change in society. One such woman that I want to celebrate today is ‘Jean’ who was 92 last month. She has always lived her life in accordance with her beliefs in equality, social justice and peace. She is a role model of positivity and fearlessness in the face of the many injustices that surround us. After a lifetime of working to improve the lives of others, as a social worker and then as a volunteer in many roles, here she is making marmalade as a fund-raising activity in support of survivors of torture in the UK. After the photos, she served me tea in her china cups with her home-made biscuits.

It is women like ‘Jean’ who have changed the world thus far. We must not drop the baton that she is passing on. We must continue to #PressforProgress