Walk instead of the Tube in London

With a connection to make in London, I decided to walk instead of burrowing my way underground and that worked out well. I got a lovely walk in the sunshine. Yes, high levels of carbon monoxide but the air in the Tube is hardly fresh and clean. As long as I ensure I am walking in the correct direction (thereby lies some history) this is a great alternative. I got a bit of exercise and came across this Gormley treat, ‘Reflection’ in Regent’s Place. I did a double-take, sorry for the pun.


Birmingham surprises

Iron:Man 1993

Coming back through Birmingham city centre after a conference, I spent some time looking for football memorabilia (yes, really!). I had no luck with that but took a wander and found this giant Gormley ‘Iron:Man‘. I said ‘hello’ to it and brought it greetings from the Gormley people who used to live in the Water of Leith in Edinburgh – we hope to see their return soon. Like all of Antony Gormley’s art, the setting is a stunning part of the piece. Against a backdrop of the classical buildings here in Birmingham, it is amazing.

Birmingham New Street Station

Heading back down to the station, the sight of the station facade was so startling that I stopped dead to ponder it. A passing chap asked if I was all right and seemed unimpressed with the amazing reflections – he is a local and considered it all a bit of a mess. At first it looked like an enormous landform, but it is just the new facing of the station which reflects the city about it. Stunning!

Happy with that unexpected injection of culture, my Brompton and I headed through the fabulous new station, stocked up with provisions for the journey and got on the train home to Edinburgh. I had the usual hassle from train staff about using my own cup but they backed down when I insisted, truthfully, that I had been in touch with their management online about the issue. Grrr