Current Research (2018)

I am pleased to have been involved as a qualitative analyst in the Independent Care Review in Scotland last year and have enjoyed helping with some more analysis this year.

I am also doing some qualitative research and analysis for the Open University in relation to the use of predictive learning analytics. I get to ‘chat’ to my colleagues a lot, so what is not to like? Oh – they pay me too, so it’s all good.

Previous Research

Evaluation of the use and impact of an online course on Self-Directed Support on behalf of The Open University in Scotland. The report (2016) is available here and commentary on it here.

Evaluative recording of part of the Scottish Social Services Council social work degree review process (2015) in partnership with Jean Gordon.

2015 – Investigation and reporting of resources, systems, gaps and solutions in relation to support for Widening Access to Higher Education on behalf of The Open University in Scotland.

2014 – Mapping exercise in relation to the Scottish Social Work Standards in Education on behalf of the Scottish Social Services Council. This was done in partnership with Jean Gordon.

In 2013 I completed a baseline study on work-based learning provided by HEIs in Scotland on behalf of The Open University in Scotland.

2012 – Scoping exercise, on behalf of the SSSC, on the possible accreditation of the Chief Social Work Officer post.

2010 / 2011 – Evaluation of a Private Sector Practice Learning project (2010-11) contracted by SSSC Network Tayforth.

2010 – Interviews and data analysis in a scoping exercise: ‘Widening Participation to HE in Rural Scotland and Wales’; contracted by the Open University.

2009/2010 – Practice Learning in Care Homes 2 – contracted by SSSC Learning Network West.

2009 – Practice Learning in Care Homes 1 – An evaluative study of a pilot scheme to increase social work practice learning opportunity in private sector care homes; contracted by the SSSC Learning Network South East.

2008 – Evaluation of the use of social networking to support Social Work students on placement.

2007 – ‘Values in Care Homes’ – an independent research study supported by a research scholarship from the Social Workers’ Educational Trust.

2006 – Evaluation of pilot blogging project.

2005 – Growing your own Social Workers – a study of the outcomes of professional training within an organisation which continues to be cited and seems to be a useful resource all this time later.

1994 – Gender and Social Work Education.