Colonia – a town of many modes of transport


This is why I needed a mountain bike in a town

This little colonial town is pretty, especially a warm sunny day. It’s full of tourists, which made me feel like a local because I speak some Spanish and know what I like on the menu. Living in Edinburgh, it’s hard to impress me with old buildings and cobbled streets – though parts of these streets are like mountain paths before the Romans sorted them out.

The best fun, for me, in Colonia, was the variety of transport. While the town is small, the surrounding area includes a huge stretch of beach, along which runs a fine paved road. Many of the tourists are from a country where walking is considered odd (I’ll let you guess where!). So being able to drive around is a great solution. You can hire bicycles (my choice, of course), motorbikes, quad bikes, golf-caddy-type electric cars or bigger electric cars.

Don’t even think about overtaking me

I met one group in a ‘golf caddy’ while I was cycling the ‘rambla’ by the beach. I overtook them with much smiley greeting and waving. A little later, as I was cruising along enjoying the day, they overtook me with waves and shouts of ‘ciao, ciao’. Oh no you don’t! ‘No ciao’, I shouted as I pedalled harder and overtook them. By now we were taking photos of each other – their camera activity being a little safer than mine, since they had one driver and three passengers. We kept meeting each other and had a final wave after I handed back my hired bike and they headed off into the sunset, slowly!