Addicted to spending money

On this trip we transited through Addis Ababa. I have previously found this airport to be a challenging one in terms of there’s nothing there, the toilets are awful and there’s nowhere nice to wait. On this trip we muddled our way through the huge, colourful, crowds towards our gate. The gate is in the new building which is recently opened, or so it looks. Huge numbers people transit through Addis every day and the new terminal has lots of seating. It also has modern, western toilets which work. What is does not have is a single shop. There are a few vending machines for drinks and snacks and a water dispenser (yay for having keep-cup to get some of this water!).

My travelling companions and I agreed that our western, consumer minds were blown by the lack of opportunity to spend money. This terminal has focused on getting people on and off flights, not on taking their money. Shock. Horror. In the West the shops would be a priority and would probably be trading long before the departure gates were operational. Our sense of consumer starvation (not the best choice of word when thinking about Ethiopia, sorry) was startling to us all. We hadn’t realised how conditioned we are. So, I have no souvenirs of that short visit! I will be back for a couple of days, though, and hope to make up for it then.


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  1. I was in transit last week at Zurich airport : it had been a long long flight from Beijing , over Mongolia and Russia ( sorry about the carbon ) Poured away my dangerous hot water , went through security, just 2 shops , one with mega expensive watches etc, the other snacks and drinks. But they only took Swiss Frs. And unlike every Chinese airport, railways station etc no free boiling water on tap to top up my flask. So I chanced it that the tap water would be ok, since it was Switz not China. Funny old world.

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